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David Cohen

Pennsylvania Attorney David J. Cohen affords an ideal background for his legal services offered in two areas: criminal defense and family law.

He's uniquely suited for defending and protecting the rights of those accused of crimes since he is a former police officer. Attorney Cohen was once a fair, yet relentless force in his police department, where he prided himself on serving his community honestly. Now, as a criminal defense attorney, Cohen will be able to use the insight and the extensive experience he's gained while actively involved in law enforcement to best serve his clients. As someone who knows how the police put together criminal cases, he will utilize this knowledge to provide a solid defense to fight your cases.

Mr. Cohen also has the tools to successfully handle the cases of those experiencing a family life crisis. He has spent years advocating for children who are abused and neglected in Norristown's Montgomery Child Advocacy Project. Additionally, he has represented a number of people who have gone through life-altering divorce, child custody, and child support cases. Attorney Cohen has learned to utilize empathy - a very powerful ability that is required to handle cases under the realm of family law.


The David J. Cohen Law Firm provides the Ultimate Service to all clients, responding to inquiries responsively and before the day is over. I am the friendly, approachable, down to earth, attorney, who will fearlessly defend your interests through formidable representation. "There is no substitute for victory." Gen Douglas MacArthur

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