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Pottstown, PA Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense may be the most stressful predicament you will ever experience. In situations like this, when there is so much at stake, you need the help of a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and level the playing field for you. Being convicted of a criminal offense can carry harsh penalties that extend outside of the criminal justice system, affecting your ability to find work, to occupy a residency, own a weapon, and access important government benefits and resources. Contact the David J. Cohen Law Firm, LLC  for skilled representation that is dedicated to getting you the best results in court.


The David J. Cohen Law Firm provides the Ultimate Service to all clients, responding to inquiries responsively and before the day is over. I am the friendly, approachable, down to earth, attorney, who will fearlessly defend your interests through formidable representation. "There is no substitute for victory." Gen Douglas MacArthur

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