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Case Results

John Dorsey vs. Elisabeth Dorsey

Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Case No.: CV-2015-008048

Child Custody case I handled since 2018. When I was initially hired my client was facing contempt and petition to modify custody. Not only did I get the contempt complaint agreed to be withdrawn, but I also procured a very good custody agreement. This case went on until June 27, 2022 where the Judge Ordered the case and my Motions filed to be transferred to South Carolina. I represented the Mother, Elisabeth Dorsey. After handling the initial custody case, I handled several more, which allowed Mother and Child to move to North Carolina, then move South Carolina. The major dispute was over jurisdiction. The parties agreed to subject themselves to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act [“UCCJEEA”] along with an agreement that jurisdiction would not be formally transferred until a certain date. Father filed last year a Petition to Modify Custody and Relocation to Pennsylvania twenty [20] days before jurisdiction could simply be transferred to South Carolina. The major dispute was over jurisdiction. After heated Pre-Trial Conferences and several Pre-Trial Motions, not only did I have Father’s Petition to Modify dismissed, the Judge not only granted my request to transfer jurisdiction to South Carolina but also all pending motions that were asking for all attorney fees and legal costs. This was a good victory.

Sheryl Lee v. Timothy Lee

PFA Case No.: 2021-18865

Wife filed a Protection from Abuse [“PFA”] against my client, her husband claiming abuse. Hearing held and PFA dismissed.

Sabrina Marie Cassel v. Jose Antonio Pineda

PFA Case No.: 2022-04866

Girlfriend and Mother of my client’s child filed a Protection from Abuse [“PFA”] against my client, the Father claiming abuse against my client and abuse of their child. Proven no abuse by Father. Father is a good Father. Agreement to PFA Without Admission [meaning not admitting to anything] until July 10, 2022. PFA dismissed on July 10, 2022.

Commonwealth v. Dennis Davydchik

Docket Number: MJ-38208-CR-0000169-2021

Criminal charged with Misdemeanor in the First-Degree Retail Theft, Conspiracy to commit Retail Theft, and Receiving Stolen Property. Preliminary Hearing held. Case Dismissed.

Commonwealth v. Adrian T. Adam

Docket Number: MJ-38208-CR-0000309-2021

Criminal charged with Simple Assault. Preliminary Hearing held. Case Dismissed. Petition to Expungement the case filed. Expungement granted. All records expunged.

Commonwealth v. Robert Joseph Nocket

Docket Number: MJ-38111-CR-0000015-2022

Criminal charged with Drug Paraphernalia. Client also had a pending probation violation. Preliminary Hearing held. Case Dismissed. Probation Violation cases dismissed as well.

Commonwealth v. Joshua Allen Dolbow,

Docket Number: CP-15-CR-0004265-2019

Criminal charged for Felony Assault . Due Diligent investigation and heated Preliminary Hearing held. Case gets “Held for Court” goes up to Common Pleas Court. Pre-Trial Motions filed. Because of hearing held at the Preliminary Hearing and my investigation, client who was facing State Prison was offered a Summary Plea to Disorderly Conduct. Disorder Conduct is the same grading as a traffic ticket. This was a good victory.

Commonwealth v. Christopher Branson

Docket Number: CP-06-CR-0000830-2017

Criminal charged for DUI . Police used junk science a Drug Recognition Expert where their studies used are not based on science. Pre-Trial Motions filed and hearing held. Judge Ordered Police to provide everything regarding the Drug Recognition Expert. Commonwealth offered my client, who was facing incarceration, a Summary Plea to Disorderly Conduct. Disorder Conduct is the same grading as a traffic ticket. Client decided to take the Summary Plea Offer. This was a good victory.

Commonwealth v. Robert Levengood

Docket Number: CP-46-CR-0007339-2019

Criminal charges for PWID. I was not for the first attorney. I was hired to procure the best deal possible. My client was facing at least 5-10 years in State Prison. Sentencing Memorandum, Allocution, and character witnesses on behalf of my client at Sentencing procured a time served county probation sentence. This is unheard of. An incredible outcome.

Commonwealth v. Brian Dunn

Docket Number: CP-15-CR-0004115-2019

Criminal charges for DUI Second. New case law came out stating ARD DUI is not considered a first offense. Therefore, this turned into a first offense DUI.

Commonwealth v. Collen Lockhart

Docket Number: MJ-38109-CR-0000142-2021

Client charged with Felony in the First Degree, Dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities and Misdemeanor of the First Degree, Theft By Deception False Impression/ Procured agreement for Summary Plea at the Preliminary Hearing. A Summary is the same grading of a Traffic Ticket.

Commonwealth v. Collen Lockhart

Docket Number: CP-15-CR-0003067-2021

Felony Theft charges in Chester County. Negotiated Guilty Plea to Misdemeanor Theft charges at Common Pleas Court. Felonies dismissed.

Commonwealth v. Stephen Cillo

Docket Number: CP-46-CR-0003730-2019

Felony Theft charges for assault with a knife causing injury. Due Diligence investigation, investigating and taking statements of everyone including the complainant, along with filing Pre-Trial Motions. Shared the investigation results with the District Attorney. Client was facing 10-20 years in State Prison. District Attorney offered a Summary Disorderly Conduct. Client took the plea. All felonies dismissed.

Commonwealth v. Andrea Evans

Docket Number: CP-06-CR-0000688-2021

Felony Firearm charges for discharge of firearm into a building which carries incarceration as a minimum penalty. It is unheard of that one can receive Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition [“ARD”] for any Firearm cases. Not only did I preserve the client’s firearm rights, but I also got my client into the ARD program. This case is one of three bad reviews on Google. No clue why I would receive a bad review for this outcome. ARD is a District Attorney program. A Judge cannot put one into the ARD program. Only the District Attorney can approve one for the ARD program. Absolutely an awesome outcome in this case. Should have been a perfect review. Sadly, Google does not remove false reviews. Not even reviews from one not even associated with the business. Again, this is an awesome outcome.

Commonwealth v. Michael Mirarchi

Docket Number: CP-46-CR-0005086-2019

Client charged with Simple Assault. Reduced to Summary plea. Summaries are the same as a Traffic ticket.

Commonwealth v. Isaac Purdy

Docket Number: CP-46-CR-0006967-2021

Client charged with three [3] Felony in the Third-Degree Theft charges. I procured a plea to Summary Theft charge with ninety [90] days for probation. Remember Summaries are the same as Traffic Tickets and can be expunged after five [5] years.

NOTE: This case has not concluded yet.

Commonwealth v. Andrew Hogeland

Docket Number: CP-46-CR-0002841-2021

Client charged with Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, and REAP. Unfortunately, I had to file to with released from the case. However, before I was released, I procured an unheard-of Plea Offer. The Plea Offer was for a Nolo Contendere Plea, also known as an Alford Plea, with two [2] years probation for pleading to the lesser Misdemeanor charge. Nolo Contendere Plea, also known as an Alford Plea, means one pleading guilty is not admitting any wrongdoing, nor can the guilty plea be used against the one pleading in any proceeding. This is an excellent plea offer I procured. Up to the client now to decide to take it or go to Trial.